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Top 10 PR Companies in India

When almost everyday a new brand is coming into the market, you need to make extra efforts to stand out. In the last 20 years, both the number of brands and the need for public relations services have expanded significantly. Whether you are an established company or a startup, public relations services can help you get noticed in the market and generate a great reputation. They not only help you develop a great image, but they also come to your aid in times of crisis.

To improve exposure and uphold the brand image, almost every sort of business needs public relations services. PR firms increase trust and establish a reliable reputation for businesses by adopting a positive outlook. It’s crucial to work with the best PR agency to carry out your PR plan. These companies support you in developing the best content strategy for your brand in addition to obtaining the appropriate coverage. Here is a list of India’s top 10 public relations companies.

  1. Adfactors PR
  2. Genesis Burson-Marsteller
  3. Edelman
  4. Media Mantra:
  5. Weber Shandwick:
  6. MSL Group India
  7. Ketchum Sampark
  8. Avian Media:
  9. Waggener Edstrom:
  10. Swift PR

1. Adfactors PR

One of the top 10 PR consultants in Asia, Adfactors PR is a multi-professional, full-service journal publishing business. They provide service to more than 300 clients in 40 Indian cities. Financial institutions, businesses, joint ventures, and start-ups are some of their clienteles. They have a history of providing unique PR solutions that are suited to the requirements of their clients.

Adfactors PR has received several honours, including four years in a row (2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015) as the South Asia Agency of the Year by PR Awards Asia. Adfactors has also received awards from The Holmes Report for “Global Financial Agency” in 2015, “Global Financial Agency of the Year” in 2018, “Global Corporate Agency of the Year” in 2016, and “Asia-Pacific Corporate-PA Consultancy of the Year” in 2018. They have their physical offices in almost all major cities of India such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune.

Founding Year – 1997

CEO – Madan Bahal

Services: Public Affairs, Digital & Social, Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Communications, Crisis Communications, and Corporate Reputation.

2. Genesis Burson-Marsteller

Burson-Marstellar is one of the top public relations and communications organisations in the world, with its headquarters in New York and offices spread over 110 nations on six continents. For the past 25 years, Genesis Burson-vision Marstellar’s and inventiveness have established high standards. They provide comprehensive communication services to some of India’s top international businesses. They concentrate on providing quantifiable results by utilising campaigns that are evidence-based, idea-driven, and result-oriented.

The company has been a consistent name in the list ofTop PR Companies in India. Genesis Burson-Marsteller has changed its name to Genesis BCW in light of the February 2018 merger of Burson-Marsteller and Cohn & Wolfe. Genesis PR was established in 1992 by Sagar. It joined the Burson-Marsteller worldwide network under the WPP Group in 2005, changed its name to Genesis Burson-Marsteller, and eventually became Genesis BCW in 2018. Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkatta are among the cities where Genesis has offices.

Founding Year – 1953

Services –Public Affairs, Business Divisions, Public Relations

CEO: Prema Sagar

3. Edelman

The worldwide communications and marketing firm of Edelman is partnered with several world-class companies and institutions. At the heart of the business’s tried-and-true strategy is engaging consumers over time to gain trust. Traditional and improved PR tactics and campaigns are among their offerings. In addition, the team includes strategists, writers, and counsellors that have in-depth knowledge of markets and cultures.

The agency is one of the biggest PR agencies in India. Since its founding in 1990, Edelman has worked with Indian, international, and governmental organisations. The strength of Edelman India is about 300 specialists. With eight physical sites, Edelman has one of the largest representative networks in India, serving more than 200 cities.

In 2013, the Great Places to Work Institute named Edelman as one of India’s Best Companies to Work For. Campaign Asia Pacific named Edelman South Asia PR Agency of the Year – India in 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2017. Edelman has also received honours and prizes from organisations like PR Week, Sabre South Asia, Sabre Asia Pacific, Fulcrum Awards, and Campaign India, to name a few.

Founding Year: 1952

Services: Media relations, public affairs, business transformation, performance marketing, crisis and reputation risk management, and brand journalism.

CEO: Rakesh Thukral

4. Media Mantra

One of India’s fastest-growing PR firms, Media Mantra was established in 2012. Due to their rapid development over the previous 8 years, Media Mantra is currently among the top 10 PR agencies in India. There are offices of Media Mantra in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and Mumbai. Media Mantra was ranked as the second fastest-growing PR business in the Asia Pacific area and as the ninth fastest-growing PR firm internationally in The Holmes report 2019. Businesses across many sectors may benefit from the tailored PR and strategic communication frameworks provided by Media Mantra.

Founding Year: 2012

Services: Public relations, digital marketing, crisis communication, social media management, event-focused public relations, and launch public relations.

CEO: Udit Sagar Pathak

5. Weber Shandwick

One of the top international public relations companies in India is Weber Shandwick, which has over 20 years of expertise in the field. There are offices for Weber Shandwick in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.For their work on Daughters of Mother India for the Vibha Bakshi brand, Weber Shandwick won the Silver Prize in the Public Affairs category. The same project also received a silver medal for CSR and not-for-profit brand work. Additionally, Weber Shandwick has won several accolades from various PR forums in India and other countries.

Founding Year: 2012

Services: Consumer marketing, corporate reputation, B2B, healthcare, technology, public affairs, financial services, corporate social responsibility, financial communications, and crisis management

CEO: Valerie Pinto


MSL is a partner in integrated and public relations communications with a growing international presence. For establishing the brand, they offer strategic advice and original ideas. To gain influence and make a difference, they design and carry out smart campaigns. It’s a company that was developed through mergers and acquisitions. They distinguish out from the competition due to their capacity for influence and impact delivery.

Services: Corporate communications and reputation management are services. Marketing to consumers, employee communications, financial communications, policy and regulatory communications, and crisis and issues management.

Founding year: 1989

CEO: Amit Misra

 7. Ketchum Sampark

A leading worldwide communications consultant, Ketchum Sampark provides a vast and knowledgeable network of communications to assist and direct businesses as they broaden their horizons and perspectives. Ketchum Sampark has a track record of 24 years and is knowledgeable with the political, media, and commercial aspects of regional Indian markets. Also, they have a remarkable customer retention record, and they have quickly risen to become one of India’s top communication consultants.

Services: Financial communications, corporate public relations, brands and marketing, technology public relations, employee communications, issues and crisis management, public affairs, social media, and digital PR.

Founding Year: 1994

CEO: Girish Huria,

8. Avian Media:

Public relations company Avian is situated in New Delhi, India. In addition to strategic thinking and flawless integrated campaign execution, they provide a wide range of communications services. They work toward their fundamental tenet, “To Foster Clients for Life Through Excellence in Advocacy.” They place a strong emphasis on three pillars: People First, Clients for Life, and Business Sustainability.

Also, Avian Media is a division of WE Communications. At the Fulcrum Awards and Sabre Awards, it was named the greatest advertising agency in India. The top 50 India’s best place to work list for the mid-size workplaces category in 2018 only included the PR firm Avian Media. Physical locations for Avian Media include Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune.

Services: Public relations, public affairs, social and digital media, content production and storytelling, corporate social responsibility and advocacy, crisis management, financial services, and corporate services.

Founding Year:2004

CEO: Nikhil Khanna

9. Waggener Edstrom:

One of the biggest PR and communications firms in the world is Waggener Edstrom. More than a thousand professionals in the fields of technology, health, and customer service are employed there. A global team of storytellers, strategists, data scientists, authors, filmmakers, and social media professionals now works for them. They are skilled in maximising a brand’s potential and developing outstanding campaigns to help companies grow.

Services: executive positioning and platforms, insight and analytics, crisis and issues management, corporate communications, and brand purpose.

Founding Year: 1983

CEO:Melissa Waggener Zorkin

10. Swift PR

Another big name in PR industry is Swift PR. The company is a leading and award-winning PR platform which has its roots spread around the globe. Swift PR, one of the top 10 companies in Delhi, focuses on providing a complete package of PR solutions on a single platform. From established business to start-ups, all clients have appreciated their services. Their expertise covers all and beyond E-commerce, technology pr, startups, FinTech, Fashion and Lifestyle, Travel PR, Automobiles, Education and HR, Films and Entertainment. Their committed team go beyond the set parameters of PR spectrum while using virtual sources at the targeted and individual interest level to aim the specific segments of the society.

Services: Digital Business Management and Branding, Cross-platform marketing, Effective PR, Improving online presence and Image Building, Interactive Reputation Management

Address: A 2, Janakpuri District Center, Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058

Contact Number: +91 70111 97831 / 92104 90681


Q.1 Which is the best PR agency in India?

  1. Adfactors PR
  2. Genesis Burson- Marsteller
  3. Edelman
  4. Media Mantra:
  5. Weber Shandwick
  6. MSL Group India
  7. Ketchum Sampark
  8. Avian Media:
  9. Waggener Edstrom:
  10. Swift PR

Q.2- What does a PR company do?
A PR agency will manage your business’s reputation through owned, earned, and paid communications. Public relations agencies frequently manage press-related communications. Brand awareness and reputation management are the primary objectives of a PR business.

Q.3- How do PR agencies work?
Specialists in public relations help the people, groups, or organisations they represent project a favourable public image and keep it up. They create social media campaigns and press releases to influence how the public views their clients and to raise awareness of each client’s objectives and activities.

Q.4- Who needs PR?
Many organisations, businesses, and important people want public relations services. A public relations professional engages with the public and the media on their behalf to show them in the best light possible. This assists their clients in developing and maintaining a positive reputation.

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